Brand Design

Brand development & design

Brand is the foundation
of everything we do. 

A branding identity is so much more than a logo. It is the sum of an organization or company - the good, bad, ugly, and off-topic. Our branding work and process digs in to the larger questions of who your organization is  and where it's going to craft an identity that is unique and genuine to your mission, vision, and values. 

The Process 

A Brand Feasibility Study 

Building a brand begins with research and discovery. Our team studies your business, product, mission, vision, strategic plan, past, programs, services,  community reputation, and your leadership and staff to build a complete and holistic picture of where you are now. We complete a brand feasibility study to learn about your competitors, how a new or redesigned brand will be received by the community, and to provide us a foundation for your target audience, brand motivations, and your brand's unique promise.


With our research done, our team meets with the client, confirms the foundational elements desired, and creates the key elements of the brand. We work with our clients throughout this process. Our creative process is a dialogue between client and designer because great things happen when we communicate. 


At the end of the branding process, our clients will have the following:

  • Branding Feasibility Report
  • Logo & Brand Identity Design 
  • Corporate Identity Design 
  • Brand Style Guide 
  • Graphic Standards