Business Plans


With a wealth of knowledge, experience, and expertise from the for-profit, non-profit, and public sectors, Monomoy brings a unique business planning perspective to its clients: allowing a client’s opportunities and creativity to be at the forefront of their strategic planning. Our goal is to develop a clear and concise course of action for our clients and assist them with the implementation.

Monomoy’s planning philosophy is multi-pronged. We engage with and learn from all stakeholders, conduct market research, examine internal data, conduct focus groups, and query community leaders and other prominent decisions makers. This information allows our clients a clear and layered picture of their operations and brand, not just internally, but to their larger customers, community, and competition. At Monomoy, we believe that great information leads to great outcomes.

With our business planning strategies, Monomoy empowers clients to harness the hidden strengths and uncapitalized opportunities of their organization.  Monomoy can assist with management coaching and organizational development for anyone from start up businesses to established organizations.