Content Marketing & Social Media

Content marketing & Social Media

Content marketing is a strategic approach to advertising which focuses on creating and sharing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain your audience. At its core, content marketing is about educating your consumer, empowering them to believe in your expertise or perception of the world, and placing your organization as a thought leader in their eyes. 


Our Approach 

We believe that no matter your industry or target audience, content marketing is one of the single most powerful tools you can use to attract and gain new audience members and keep your current base engaged. Our approach and development of your content marketing plan, as well as the social media platforms it will be executed on, is strategic and a true collaboration between client and designer.

In addition to web content for social media (such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram), we are also able to develop and maintain Google Plus and AdWords campaigns for organizations, successfully increasing your SEM benchmarks rapidly. 


Outsourcing your social media

Is your organization struggling to keep your social media pages current? Monomoy Innovative Communications and Strategic Solutions provides full-service social media outsourcing. With you, we develop the integrated marketing approach and plan to execute for the duration of 6-12 months; all you have to do is approve the content and post frequency. We take care of posting, sharing, replying to comments, and keeping you abreast of what your online consumers are saying.