At Monomoy Innovative Communications and Strategic Solutions, we believe powerful images are key to any marketing campaign - on or off line, no matter your industry. Your impact and connection to the community can be tangibly expressed in images.  Due to this, many of our marketing packages come with the option of in-house photography with our team. 

Commercial/Life Photography 

Our photographers love being on site with their clients and enjoy capturing the everyday life of your organization. In addition, their eye for commercial details and understanding of how the photos will integrate into the final product is invaluable to the process. 

Content Marketing Photography 

Let our photographers fill your Facebook and Instagram with their creative and well-honed eye. 

Photo Curation & Digital Enhancements 

If your organization has folders full of photos, allow our graphic designers to review the full collection and create for you a suite of select images that can resonate as a new campaign.