Communication Planning

Communications Planning

Great outward communication begins from within an organization. Strategic content planning, mission-sharing, and distribution avenues are  foundational aspects of an organization's marketing which should be clearly defined and planned out 6 months to a year in advance within your organization.

Monomoy starts with the traditional market research and reach analysis of your current initiatives then expands upon that information with a full audit of an organization's communication values, goals, voice, collateral, and physical and online presence to develop a 12 month communications plan which will solidify and strengthen your organization's communications, both internally and externally. 

Why a Communications Plan ?

As a society, we are in the age of brand. Your target audiences are, now more than ever, able to research every aspect about you through what information is online and in print. A communications plan empowers an organization to map out those avenues of communication and, in many ways, impact and direct the conversation to have a cohesive and positive outcome. Its flexible framework allow you to plan the greater conversation(s) your organization wants to highlight for the year, and can remove the "last minuteness" many communications offices or office managers feel. 

For organizations with limited capacity and knowledge, the many ways today's target audiences communicate can be mystifying and overwhelming. A communications plan - in particular a Monomoy communications plan - can alleviate the day-to-day stressors of a communications office and provide an map for marketing success. 

How do you know the Communications Plan works?

Communications plans are fundamentally based on your strategic organizational goals. At Monomoy, we encourage goals associated with your organization's impact and monetary benchmarks. With these goals at the forefront of our discussions, the communications plan builds in avenues for success and outlines how to track ROI (return on investment) on these avenues.