The Team



Jennifer Silbert

Jennifer brings to Monomoy her over 20 years of professional consultation offering fundraising and marketing services to prominent area and national non-profits.  Jennifer holds an MBA in Marketing from George Washington University.  Early on, Jennifer realized she could differentiate her clients from among their peers and competition through strategic and deliberate marketing and communication campaigns.   Being able to tell your story in a compelling and succinct fashion is golden. These efforts brought her clients increased awareness, strong brand identity and successful campaigns.  “Finding the timeliness of a project and being able to communicate that to the community has been the key to our clients’ many successes,” Jennifer says.



Heather Modjesky 
Senior Communications Specialist

With 15 years of practical print and web design experience, Heather has an extensive background in non-profit and small business communications, marketing, and public relations. Her previous experience includes Linden Hall School for Girls, Junior Achievement of Central Pennsylvania, Clare House, and Franklin Pierce University.

Heather is a skilled outreach consultant, graphic designer, copywriter and editor, and social media strategist. She has also developed and executed national and international branding and marketing campaigns for several organizations throughout the United States. Furthermore, Heather is a trained in-bound marketing specialist and approved moderator and facilitator of deliberative dialogue from the New England Center for Civic Life.